Fahd Al-Nasser communicates with his fans for the first time after his health has improved – in photo


The health of the Kuwaiti composer improvedFahd Al-NasserSignificantly, he has recovered from a coma he had been in for 20 days after suffering internal bleeding as a result of complications from previous surgery.
Al-Nasser was admitted to the intensive care unit at Farwaniya Hospital, and his fans worried about his health.
Al-Nasser reassured his audience through a picture of him in which his hand appeared as he was lying on a healing bed, from inside his hospital room, through the “story” feature attached to a social networking site, calling on the audience to say, “Praise be to God.”
Al-Nasser sent his followers a message in which he said: “Increase the praise of God .. Good evening my loved ones, my family and my dearness .. He asks everyone about my health. I am fine, thanks to God, and then your prayers.”
He added, “God has not forbidden me to this love, which I will not fulfill as long as I have lived, while I am awaiting the orders of the medical staff as he deems appropriate in the matter of leaving the doctor .. I do not see you as hated by Aziz.”
Al-Nasser concluded: “I seek refuge in the complete words of God from his anger and punishment, the evil of his servants and the whims of the devils, and to attend in the name of God, my soul is better from everything that harms me from the evil of every soul or eye of the envious of God, heal me in the name of God .. I ask God, Lord of the Great Throne, to heal me.”


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