Fadel Shaker releases his new song “Les” on Wednesday


Posted Wednesday 03rd February 2021 03:48 AM

Al-Madina News: – The Lebanese singer Fadl Shaker announced, through his Instagram account, his readiness to release his new clip, “Why”, tomorrow evening, Wednesday.

Fadl published the song, commenting on it, saying, “Our appointment is tomorrow, Wednesday, at 4 pm UAE time, with the release of the song (Leh) from the words of the Emirates poetess Jinan, composed by Ziad Youssef, and the distribution of Ghossein Cebros.

Fadl recently released the song “Keep Meet Me” in the Egyptian dialect, after great urgency by Fadl’s fans, who interacted with him extensively on social media to present an Egyptian song.

“Stay Meet Me” was written by Amr Al-Masry, composed by Amr El-Shazly, and Amr Al-Khudary arranged the music.

Singer Fadl Shaker recently returned the song “Dahab Al-Layl” by the late artist Mohamed Fawzi, and Shaker released it on the occasion of World Children’s Day, as a greeting card for children on their World Day, as they are an important segment of society.

Fadl revealed, in a press release, the scenes of the work, which took two months to prepare, and the decision to choose this song was due to Fadl Shaker, who is keen to choose his works himself. Although old, as it was first launched in 1955, it is still present today.

Muhammad Fawzi presented the children’s song “Dahab Al-Layl” through the movie “Miracle of the Sky,” which was co-starred by Muhammad Fawzi and Madiha Yusri.

“Gold of the Night” was launched on the official channel of the artist Fadl Shaker on “YouTube” and on all radio stations, electronic platforms, social networking sites, and all electronic stores.


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