“Facebook” continues its movement against “Apple” with an advertising campaign


“Facebook” continues its moves against “Apple” with an advertising campaign in support of targeted and adapted ads that are the engine of revenue for the free electronic platforms, but the manufacturer of the iPhone phones is criticized for its lack of transparency and its excessive appetite for users’ personal data.
And according to a video promotional advertisement published by “Facebook”, “The air-conditioned ads present good ideas to everyone.”
The giant social network indicated in a statement, according to the “French”, that “all companies launch an idea, and the ability to introduce this idea thanks to targeted ads is essential for small and medium companies.”
Targeted and targeted advertising targeting on a large scale, which is at the core of the economic model of Facebook and Google today, is facing a threat due to the latest update that Apple intends to introduce to the iOS operating system this year, and will force application developers to demonstrate transparency in collecting Personal user data and its use.
New updates will also require apps to request permission for users to track their location.
The platforms and apps fear that this freedom of choice will lead most users to refuse to track their movements.


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