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Eve: Solar storms are not yet predictable; So NASA built a space probe, to approach the sun at an unprecedented distance. It is supposed to explore the outer atmosphere, the sun’s corona, and collect scientific data for seven years. Experts from different countries are taking part in this mission, such as the German astrophysicist Volker Butmer. Meanwhile, the European Space Agency also sent a probe to the sun. This probe shows how seriously scientists are about their common goal: to better understand the sun and how its storms happen, according to the “sciencealert” scientific site.

Solar storm

Solar storm

The European-American probe “Solar Orbiter” was launched from Florida towards the sun, which will study during the next decade its storms loaded with particles that can cause faults on Earth. The launch of the probe aims to provide a new vision around the sun.
A “solar storm” is known as a natural phenomenon, caused by the collision of high-energy particles with the Earth. The particles are composed of billions of tons of gas, and are released in clouds, after explosive eruptions on the sun, known as “solar flares”.
“Solar flare” is associated with dark spots on the surface of the sun; Dark spots have a lower temperature than the surrounding areas.

Scientists warn of a solar storm!

the earth is moving around the sun

Because if it is strong, it may lead to the communications and energy systems being out of work, as well as GPS systems, satellites, broadcast services, the Internet, telephone, transportation systems, and banks.
The US National Academy of Sciences report indicates that in 2008 a similar severe storm occurred, causing damage, by disrupting communications on the ground and causing chaos.

The Carrington Event, 1859

Sun reaction

The heaviest solar storm in human history occurred in 1859 in what was known as the “Carrington Event.” This phenomenon led to the telegraph network in the United States hit, as the current shocked employees and burned some paper in the stations, and the northern light could be seen in unprecedented points as far as Central America.

Changing the Earth’s magnetic field

A probe monitors the sun from near

In 1989, in the Canadian province of Quebec, a change in the geomagnetic field led to the emergence of a high-degree electric current that cut off the supply to the electricity networks and caused a massive blackout.
Also, explosions can also lead to disruption of radars in the airspace, as happened in 2015 in the Scandinavian skies, and radio frequencies and satellite damage. Scientists hope to gain insights into the magnetic fields surrounding the sun that make up the heliosphere and form the sun’s weather.

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