Every second I ask the Lord to return to us healthy


Basketball star player Fadi Al-Khatib called on his followers on social media to pray on the intention of coach Ghassan Sarkis to recover from the Corona virus.

Sarkis has been battling the virus for weeks, as his condition deteriorated in recent days and he was transferred again to the intensive care unit at St. George Hospital – Ashrafieh.

Al-Khatib published his picture with coach Sarkis, commenting: “You are my family, my brother, my friend, my father, and the father of my children. You are the man behind my success. I ask the Lord every second that you return to us healthy and know that you will overcome this ordeal with your strength.

Al-Khatib concluded his message to Sarkis by saying: “Lebanon, the world, and I am waiting for you, Coco.”


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