Emirates News Agency – “District 2020” establishes new partnerships to stimulate an environment for innovation and startups


DUBAI, 24th February, WAM – “District 2020”, the human-centered smart city, announced that it has signed several major partnership agreements that contribute to stimulating the innovation environment and its startups, in conjunction with the annual innovation week in the UAE “The Emirates Innovates 2021 Which takes place over a whole week across the country.

District 2020 will shed light during this event on its contribution to driving innovation in the UAE and supporting the country’s endeavors to become the most innovative and future-ready in the world.

District 2020 brings together a group of global institutions under its umbrella, including many of the companies listed on the “Fortune 500” list of the 500 largest companies in the world, in addition to small and medium enterprises, start-ups, academic institutions, laboratories, business accelerators and investment capital, to stimulate the existing business environment. On innovation.

As a smart, people-centered society, District 2020 has been supported by the 5G communications network and many advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things, in addition to an urban laboratory and an environment designed to meet the needs of companies and people who will live and work in them .. District 2020 will facilitate cooperation and empower companies. Large and small, to test and experiment with ideas and solutions that would positively influence the development of their sectors.

In addition to its major global tenants – such as the German giant Siemens, Shanghai-based Terminus Technologies, and Dubai Ports World – District 2020 announced new local and international alliances with agencies and institutions supporting projects emerging in the country and international markets, including the United States. The United Kingdom, Namibia, Slovenia, Malaysia, the United States and Botswana.

The new partners will feed the Launch from Dubai program “Skill 2 Dubai” with a diversified portfolio of startups and small international companies to create a network of local, regional and global startups at the heart of the innovation ecosystem.

The “Skill 2 Dubai” program aims to support emerging enterprises and small companies with high capabilities to establish their business in the UAE within the “District 2020”, and from there to the markets of the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and other global markets .. And “Skill 2 Dubai” is a support program Free of ownership of stock, and its benefits include free workspace for two years in “District 2020”, a two-year visa, support for establishing businesses, getting special rates from service providers, and access to social and other networking events.

The list of new international partnerships includes cooperation between “Skill 2 Dubai” and the American business incubator “Institute of Founders”, the British Business Centers, the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Namibia, the Slovenian Enterprise Fund, the Malaysian Global Center for Innovation and Creativity, the Botswana Local Enterprises Authority, in addition to the company ” Magnet, which is based in the UAE. These partnerships confirm the commitment of “District 2020” to attract and support emerging projects and small companies in the region and all over the world, and come on the heels of the partnership agreements concluded by “District 2020” with key local institutions such as the Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises Development and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund.

Through its human-centered approach and infrastructure design, District 2020 fosters a system that focuses primarily on meeting the needs of companies and supporting the future workforce in a world witnessing rapid developments, especially after the pandemic.

With one of the most connected sites with an advanced information and communication technology infrastructure, District 2020 will work after the conclusion of Expo 2020 Dubai to integrate innovative applications of the latest smart technologies such as the Internet of Things, to face challenges and improve services that enable society to become smarter and more sustainable. With the support of the Urban Lab at District 2020, which is an open data platform and testing environment in which organizations test their solutions to urban challenges within a live urban environment.

District 2020’s unique human-centered physical environment – which reuses 80% of the infrastructure and distinctive architectural features dedicated to Expo 2020 Dubai events – is designed to enhance collaboration mechanisms and spaces that support innovation and ensure prosperity.

District 2020 has the ability to enhance communication and test a balanced social life, as an integrated society aims to enrich the lives of its residents by combining flexible offices, modern residential units, gardens, retail and entertainment facilities, food and beverages and events.

This distinct destination will meet the future needs of the work environment and innovation-based companies, which increasingly seek to enhance flexibility and focus on the concept of health and safety .. In sum, District 2020 provides a modern environment that aims to enable a diverse segment of companies and individuals to communicate, innovate and achieve Prosperity.

Tala Al-Ansari, Director of the Innovation System and the “Skill 2 Dubai” program at District 2020 said: We design an innovation system and a society that will enable companies in District 2020 to employ their capabilities. Dubai is specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging enterprises and small companies and support them in their journey, in light of studying the difficulties these companies face.

On his part, Samir Sortor, Managing Director of the Business Incubator “The Founders Institute” in the United Arab Emirates said: There is no doubt that our cooperation with District 2020 is a smart step for our organization and the emerging global technology companies that we support through the tremendous potential for changing the sector, which there is an urgent need to explore when Overcoming these challenges.

On his part, Riches Mochie, CEO of the Botswana Local Corporation Authority, said: This strategic partnership with the Skill 2 Dubai program in District 2020 optimally supports our mission to build an innovative, competitive and sustainable sector for small and medium enterprises in Botswana.

The “Skale 2 Dubai” program has started to receive applications from local, regional and international startups wishing to register their interest through the “District 2020” website: www.district2020.ae/scale2dubai. Applications will be submitted and the short list selected to join the “Skale 2 Dubai” program will be undertaken as of From September 2021, when the names of those admitted will be announced during the six months during which Expo 2020 Dubai will be held .. Those who are selected to be part of the program will be able to move to their workplaces in District 2020, shortly after the curtain falls on the Expo 2020 activities. Dubai when District 2020 opens its doors by October 2022.

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