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DUBAI, 28th February, WAM / “Classification – RINA Business Assurance” – one of the companies of the Emirates Classification Authority / Classification / which acts as an accredited body to issue quality certificates and international standards – has strengthened its position as a leading institution in providing distinguished services to help its clients according to the highest international standards by obtaining accreditation Emirates International Accreditation Center to grant certificates of conformity for halal products in accordance with the requirements of UAE.S 2055-2: 2016.

A ceremony to receive the certificate was held this February at the headquarters of the Emirates International Accreditation Center in Dubai.

With the continuous development in the halal food sector, which is witnessing a rapid growth, “RINA-Classification for Business Guarantee” is keen to consolidate its leading position in this sector, in a way that contributes to adding economic value to the halal product market in the UAE, as the corporation aims to gain the confidence of customers and give them a guarantee regarding By choosing Halal certified products, which gives consumers confidence and reassurance while purchasing their food products.

The global halal product industry is developing rapidly, as is the halal food sector, which represents about 62 percent of the total global market.

The UAE is one of the leading countries in this thriving industry, according to a report issued by the Oxford Business Group in 2018. The UAE imports $ 20 billion worth of halal products annually and since then the country has witnessed continuous growth in this sector.

Eng. Saeed Al Maskari, CEO of the Emirates Classification Authority / Classification / said that Muslims constitute a large part of the global consumer market, as they represent about 25 percent of the total world population.

According to the International Business Policy Council – the foresight and strategic analysis unit of the global firm Kearney – Muslims in 2017 spent an estimated $ 2.1 trillion buying halal products, compared to about $ 1.6 trillion in 2012.

Al-Maskari expected that the size of this market will grow to 3 trillion dollars by 2023, which highlights the size of the expected growth in the sector .. He said that as the market continues to develop, competitiveness increases, so staying in the forefront of brands depends on the reliability of halal certification to provide high quality. the level .

He explained: In order for a product to obtain the Halal Certificate of Conformity, all components, auxiliary processes, packaging components and all units that process the product must comply with the various standards of halal products .. stressing that their only goal is to enable customers to achieve this level of transparency in the market by helping them adhere to the best Practices in industry.

He said that “Tasween” is committed to applying the highest quality standards and employing its advanced capabilities to obtain the best results .. Obtaining accreditation from a reliable international body such as the Emirates International Accreditation Center is an important achievement for it, expressing his confidence that this will contribute to strengthening its position in the industry. … He pointed out that Taqeem’s permanent commitment to placing consumer health and safety at the top of its list of priorities, especially during this stage during which health risks are constantly emerging.

Over the past years, the demand for halal food certificates has increased as people all over the world become more aware of the additional health benefits that these foods provide .. However, the process of issuing conformity certificates can take a long time if those with the right expertise are not involved. “RINA Business Assurance Classification” is based on the extensive expertise of its employees to facilitate and expedite the process of obtaining Halal certificates of conformity.

Concerning this aspect, Khalfan Al Saadi, General Manager of the “Rina Classification for Business Assurance” company, explained that eating halal food is not limited to Muslims only, as these foods have many health benefits and provide added value to consumers and a competitive advantage for their producers .. He considered that enhancing customer safety and improving their performance Environmental and commercial will always remain at the top of the priority list of “RINA-Business Assurance”, pointing out that there is an audit team that includes a number of food experts and specialists in Islamic law, who will employ their experience and knowledge to investigate and ensure that the food conforms to the standards of halal products.

During the course of its rapid development since its establishment … the “RINA Classification for Business Guarantee” took the interests of its customers first by making use of its extensive experience in the various fields in which it operates … and while the company works to enhance its leadership position in the industry, it is keen to employ the largest number of cadres. Emirati women, in addition to training and empowering citizens to take the lead in the future.


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