Elissar: I tried to commit suicide … I don’t want to have a child. They say, “Hey, father.”


08:49 PM

Saturday 20 February 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

The Lebanese dancer Elissar revealed that she had attempted suicide earlier, pointing out that she took a full medicine box and stayed 3 days in hospital for treatment.

“I arrived at a time when I felt the world blackened and I wanted to relax, and I said, God forgive me, because I want to end my life,” Elissar added during her interview on “Show the Story” program.

She continued: “I don’t just think, but I took a medicine box and tried to commit suicide, and I stayed 3 days in the hospital and did not remember anything, and all those around me blamed me and did not know the reason I did that for that.”

She also explained the reasons for her not thinking about marriage. Saying: “Sometimes marriage is a nightmare, on my mind many times I work as a family, but I see that I think of my son or daughter, I do not want him to be his firstborn in school and say him, O son of the dancer or O girl of the dancer.”

She continued: “The Egyptian actress, Zizi Mustafa, said in an interview that I heard that she retired from dancing because the children at school told her son, the famous artist, Menna Shalaby, O girl of the dancing, and this point does not leave my mind.”

Elissar is a Lebanese dancer whose real name is Marie Abu Murad, she was born in 1981 to a middle-class family. She enrolled at the beginning of her life in a specialized school to study nursing, before heading to the field of dance, where she became famous as one of the Arab dancers.


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