Elisa reveals that she went to the psychiatrist for many years … and this result


In the second episode of “Podcast”, the artist spoke about the issue of mental health, and revealed in this context that she has been visiting a psychiatrist for 15 years. And she indicated that this helped her to overcome many problems and to regain stability on the mental and psychological level.

She added that every person must take care of his mental health, pointing out that this is often considered a taboo in our eastern society. She said that many still believed that only a madman needs to go to a psychiatrist’s office. She considered it necessary to break this barrier, stressing the importance of securing psychological immunity in the face of pressures, and referring to the economic, financial and health crises Lebanon is witnessing..

Elissa considered that nervous tension is the direct cause of most physical illnesses, calling everyone who wants to start a family until the psychiatrist visits to guide him on how to deal with children.

She went to her followers by saying: “Do not think that all people feel happy, for every person has a deficiency of some kind.” That is why she called on each of them to develop oneself in order not to turn into negativity and pessimism in life.


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