Elisa criticizes eastern societies: I’ve been going to a psychiatrist for 15 years


The Lebanese actress, Elissa, dedicated the second episode of “Elisa’s Podcast”, which is broadcast on the “Anghami” application, to talk about the importance of mental health based on her own experience, revealing that she has been visiting a psychiatrist for 15 years and that this matter helped her a lot in overcoming life and psychological crises.

She said, “I have a psychological balance to face any problem more smoothly because of taking care of my mental health and visiting a psychiatrist.”

She added: “The talk about mental health is Taboo, especially in our eastern societies, they still only consider that the insane is the one who goes to the psychiatrist, and this is what makes it imperative for us to break this barrier and fortify our psychological immunity because today more than ever before we face psychological pressures.” .

Elisa indicated that before establishing a family, the spouses must go to a psychiatrist, because they are responsible for having mentally healthy children, and psychological crises may lead a person to become addicted to drugs, and at that time we may hold him accountable even though we must treat him psychologically.

In conclusion, Elissa spoke about the current difficult period that is going by the whole world due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which imposed domestic isolation and social distancing, giving advice on how to take advantage of this time without being psychologically affected, saying: “Benefit from home isolation by walking around the house, by reading or by practicing Sports and I do not ask you not to cry and scream, we are human beings, but love yourselves and surround yourself with positive people and never be flattering at the expense of your mental health. Faith is not mentioned in scientific research but it is important because we live in religious societies. .


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