Egypt – Tamer Hosni uses the opinion of the audience to choose one of 4 songs to shoot a video clip


(MENAFN – Youm7) The artist Tamer Hosni is distinguished by his strong relationship between him and his fans, as his followers share opinions on his artistic works up-to-date and asks them to know their opinions on it, which are always positive responses.

The star Tamer Hosni published through his personal account on “Facebook”, a blog in which he asked his followers to express an opinion on choosing one of his 4 dramatic songs, “The same end, and suddenly we parted, and the separation was made, and with a thousand safety” for filming a video clip.

Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosni confirmed that the audience’s opinion will determine which of his proposed songs will be filmed. This comes while the star Tamer Hosni was able to occupy the first place in the list of most viewed on YouTube with the songs he released from his album Khaleik Folady and the songs he released so far from the album are Invention, nullifies a feeling. Suddenly we parted, with a thousand safety, you hate me in love, tell me words, the same end and the beauty of this, “the separation, our greed.

The star, Tamer Hosni, had revived the launching ceremony of the 27th World Handball Championship, which Egypt hosted from the 13th until the end of last January, in the hall of the Cairo International Stadium

The star Tamer Hosni surprised the audience of last year’s New Year’s party, which was set up by the United Company for Media Services, which was shown on all United screens, by presenting the song “Khalek Feldi” for the first time on the screens, which is the main song of his new album, as he presented it in a filmed way from clips from his new movie “I am not”.



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