Egypt- study: The Milky Way contains rocky ocean-covered worlds and Earth-like continents


(MENAFN – Youm7) A recent study claims that the Milky Way galaxy may be full of rocky worlds covered with oceans and continents similar to Earth, which increases the likelihood that the galaxy will be filled with alien life, and all the rocky planets within the galaxy can contain the same basic building blocks as the Earth in its core, which was originally formed. From small particles of ice and carbon.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, researchers from the GLOBE Institute at the University of Copenhagen said: “In order for a planet to have life, as we know it, liquid water must be present.”

Danish scientists say that water has existed since the beginning, and the same is true of Venus and Mars, both of which may have contained surface water in the distant past.

Also, using a computer model, Anders Johansen and his team estimated that a planet around a young star could start forming from ice pebbles about 5 million years later.

The study indicates that they were millimeter-sized dust particles of ice and carbon, known to orbit all of the young stars in the Milky Way, which accumulated 4.5 billion years ago in the formation of what would later become Earth.

Professor Johansen said: “All our data indicate that water was part of the building blocks of the Earth from the beginning, adding that the critical point in whether liquid water exists is the distance between the planet and its star.”

“And because the water molecule occurs repeatedly, there is a reasonable possibility that it applies to all planets in the Milky Way.”

Johansen said: “Until the point where the Earth grew to 1% of its current mass, our planet grew by picking up lumps of pebbles filled with ice and carbon, then the Earth grew faster and faster until, five million years later, it became as large as we know it today, and along The way, the temperature on the surface rose sharply. ”

Johansen and his team put forth the theory of gallstone accumulation a decade ago and believe this new study confirms their initial idea.

And Johansen continued: “There is a water molecule H2O everywhere in our galaxy, and thus this theory opens the possibility of forming other planets in the same way that the Earth, Mars and Venus were formed.”

“All the planets in the Milky Way may form from the same building blocks, which means that planets contain the same amount of water and carbon as the Earth,” Johanssen revealed.

He explained: “Thus, the possible places in which life may exist occurs frequently around other stars in our galaxy, provided that the temperature is appropriate.”

Researchers believe that if the planets in our galaxy have the same building blocks and the same temperature conditions as Earth, then there will also be good chances that they have the same amount of water and continents as our planet.



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