Egypt – Learn the most common Hangouts problems and how to fix them


(MENAFN – Youm7) When technology works as it should, it enriches our lives and can make dealing with previously stressful tasks easier, but when it doesn’t work out, most of us feel frustrated and don’t know where to start troubleshooting, including Google Hangouts. Digital Trends answers the most frequently asked questions about the app.

According to digital trends, he said: “After having used it for some time, we have compiled our list of the most common problems with Google Hangouts and how to fix them. Whether you are having trouble connecting your computer or can’t make a call, you can learn how to correct these problems.”

Messaging and calling are the two primary experiences of Google Hangouts, and it can be exacerbated if these functions do not work properly, so there are some solutions to this problem.

To send and receive messages

When you are unable to send a message from Google Hangouts on your computer, the error might be related to a server problem, while sending your message, you will not reach the recipient and you will see a red circle with an exclamation point in the middle.

If this is the case then you will want to check your internet connection on your device and try to send the message again. You can also try to connect to another website first to see if your internet connection is strong.

If you receive this error, your message may not be stored in chat history and may not appear on other devices.

If your contact is not online, you may not see the message when signing in.

And if you are still having problems, the problem might be with Google’s Hangouts servers.

Google recommends waiting a few minutes, and then trying to send the message again.

You can also try to log out and log back in. This is done by clicking on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the screen and clicking Logout.

To make and receive calls

Before we start making and receiving calls in Hangouts, here is some basic useful information about the service: Google has said that there are situations in which someone will not be able to make or receive calls through what he refers to as classic Hangouts, namely, users who have Google Voice accounts will not be able to For G Suite provided by their school or workplace they have access to classic Hangouts calling features, instead they are expected to receive calls via Google Voice.

Google also said that the phone calls feature currently in classic Hangouts “will be turned off early 2021”, and that if US customers want to make calls after turning off the feature in 2021, they can continue to do so by upgrading to Google Voice.

Meanwhile, those who don’t want to switch to Google Voice or customers outside of the US can still use Hangouts’ calling feature “until early 2021”.

If the listed situations don’t apply, and you’re still having trouble making and receiving calls via Hangouts, here are some things to keep in mind:

– International calls require you to enter the correct country code.

– Copying and pasting the phone number may result in the incorrect formatting of the number. Try typing the number instead.

Check the permissions of your chosen browser when it comes to letting Hangouts access your microphone.

If you use Google Voice, make sure you have a Google Voice account and phone number, and make sure the email address used to log into your Hangouts account is the same as your Google Voice account.

Another common error on Google Hangouts is the “Try to reconnect” error, the error means that your computer is trying to connect to the server but cannot.

If you receive this error, it is possible that there is an Internet connection problem on your side, you will not receive your messages until after reconnecting to Google Hangouts.

As a solution Google recommends checking your internet connection, follow the usual routine of trying another website, turning Wi-Fi off and then back on and checking your router’s connection.

Another possibility is that your IT administrator may restrict your network to block Google domains.



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