Egypt announces details of Corona vaccination … and a “valuable gift” from China


The head of the Central Administration for Preventive Medicine said in The Egyptian Ministry of HealthMohamed Abdel-Fattah told “Sky News Arabia” that the campaign will start within two weeks.

Abdel Fattah added that the Ministry of Health is about to complete the vaccination of the medical team in isolation, fever and chest hospitals, as it is the first front line with the virus during this week.

After that, next week, the rest of the medical team will start vaccinating at the hospitals that provide regular medical services to citizens, whose number exceeds 360.

He continued: “During the following week, we will start a campaign to vaccinate citizens, according to the priorities that have been identified.”

According to Abdel Fattah, it is decided to vaccinate people with chronic diseases such as “kidney failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, and chest diseases,” then immunodeficiency patients, tumors and the elderly, which are the groups that have high risk factors in case of infection with “Covid-19” disease caused by the virus.

big quantities

She was the Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala ZayedIt announced earlier, Sunday, that new shipments of the Coronavirus vaccine would arrive Egypt During the next hours.

In a press conference, Zayed said that the ministry will receive a “valuable gift” from the Chinese “Sinopharm” vaccine within the few hours.

In addition, the ministry is expected to receive a large shipment of vaccine company.AstraZenecaLater this February.

The shipment is estimated at 8.6 million doses, as part of a contract concluded by Cairo with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Serums (GAVI) to obtain 40 million doses this year, according to the minister.

Two methods of recording data

The Minister of Health said that registration will open on the citizens’ website next week; To start receiving eligible groups of new coronavirus vaccines.

And the head of the Central Department of Preventive Medicine Affairs returned to confirm that the site works efficiently during its testing in recording the data of medical staff wishing to obtain the vaccine.

He said that citizens can register on this site and wait to be notified of the time and place to obtain the vaccination, while it is available for citizens who will not be able to complete this process, by going to the nearest medical facility and registering their data, provided that the facility will complete the rest of the procedures on his behalf.

After completing this process, a phone message will arrive to the person accepting his vaccination, including the exact location and date.
Abdel Fattah explained that more than 40 medical centers have been equipped to receive vaccines for citizens at the level of the governorates of the Republic, calling on all Egyptians, especially the elderly and sick, to ensure that they receive the vaccine.

He said that the more shipments of Corona vaccines arrived in Egypt at the specified times, the ministry expanded further in the campaign to vaccinate citizens.


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