Edward celebrates his wife’s birthday: I love you so much


Artist Edward celebrated his wife’s birthday and shared with his fans a photo from the celebration.

And Edward published his picture with his wife and sent her a romantic message to describe her as the best wife, expressing his great love for her, as he gave her on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

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And Edward appeared in the photo with his wife, in front of her a cake containing a group of photos of them.

On the other hand, Edward is showing the series “Pearl” on the channel ON and mbc.

And the series “Louloua”, the events of which take place in 40 episodes, and along with Mai Omar, Ahmed Zahir, Naglaa Badr, Nermin Al-Feki, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Edward, Hedy Karam, Salwa Othman, Imad Ziada, Hamdy Heikal, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Mohamed Mahran are participating in the series. Al-Greetly Dreams, the story of Mai Omar and the script and dialogue of Muhammad Mahran, directed by Mohamed Abdel-Salam, and supervised by the author and directed by Mohamed Sami.

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