Eagle Films, Carmen Basibes, in the Innocence | Al Anbaa Newspaper


Eagle Films / producer Jamal Sinan is about to complete the final preparations in preparation for the launch of the filming of a new series of 8 episodes entitled “The Innocence”, which will be directed in Beirut by the highly sensitive Syrian director Ramy Hanna, in a new cooperation with Eagle Films after their great success together .

The work was written by the great Egyptian screenwriter Maryam Naoum, who drew an interesting social story, and she is the author of the most beautiful Arab works. This time, she meets with Rami Hanna, to form a different binary together.

The story stars the star Carmen Basbes, in the second collaboration between her and Sinan after their success years ago in (Eugenie’s Nights).

The story starts from an event in the life of a young woman that changes her life and turns her course in a dramatic and strange way, as she faces all the obstacles of the world, which drives her to search for secrets, people and secrets, in an attempt to decipher the mysteries of the past.

The work is based on mystery, excitement and surprises, and will be filmed in Beirut, and the producing company has allocated all the production capabilities for it to present a new dramatic material in form and content.


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