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The Dubai Health Authority reviewed a set of innovative initiatives it is implementing based on the latest technologies and smart solutions, during the virtual forum organized by the authority yesterday on the occasion of the UAE Innovation Month 2021.

Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, stressed during the inauguration of the forum that the authority is an essential part of the state’s health system, which necessitates its contribution to strengthening the UAE’s orientations towards leadership and excellence in this important vital sector.

Al Ketbi said: “When His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, launched the National Innovation Strategy in October 2014 … and when our esteemed government adopted the upgraded version of the strategy in 2018, we notice that Health and health quality were among the first three targeted sectors that underpin the UAE’s progress in innovation. Noting that this reflects the importance of the health sector as a pillar for achieving global competitiveness in the areas of health and innovation.

The discussions of the two-day forum revolve around the role that the Dubai Health Authority has played in confronting the “Covid 19” pandemic, which came within the country’s efforts and its adopted strategy to address this global pandemic.

The forum was attended by Dr. Alawi Sheikh Ali, Deputy Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, Dr. Muhammad Al-Reda, Director of the Project Management Office at the Authority, and a group of officials and specialists, including May Al-Dossary, Director of the Health Innovation Center at the Authority, as well as nearly 200 participants from various disciplines.

Awad Al Ketbi pointed out that the Dubai Health Authority has its role and responsibilities to support the state’s health system, especially in the field of innovation, stressing that this is a challenge for the authority, and that this challenge requires continuous work, encouraging innovation and creating an environment that incubates creativity, and at the same time it requires strengthening the spirit of responsibility in All sectors and departments of the authority and employing all possible energies to put innovative ideas into action.

The sessions of the forum reviewed the initiative “A Doctor for Every Citizen” that was directed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, within the provisions of the fifty document.


Dr. Alia Rafea, Consultant Family Medicine, Director of Specialized Programs Department in the Primary Health Care Sector at the Authority, provided details about the initiative and what has been achieved during the past year, explaining that the number of beneficiaries of the initiative in the past year 2020 reached more than 88 thousand customers, and that the initiative provided More than 82,000 remote consultations between January 2020 and January 2021, and medical services were provided to more than 7,000 dealers infected with the Coronavirus, in addition to 13,000 consultations for contacts and suspected cases.

She said that the development of work in the “Doctor for Every Citizen” initiative opened the way to providing high-quality medical services, in addition to qualitative consultations, and paved the way for documenting new relationships between the authority and the private health sector that participated in providing telemedicine services through 53 medical facilities, pointing out that This development had other important fruits, foremost of which was the shortening of the patient’s or customer’s journey in general from 6 steps to two steps only to obtain the required service.

For his part, Dr. Ali Al-Sayed, Director of the Department of Pharmacy and Drug Services at the Dubai Health Authority, reviewed the “My Drug” service, which began to be implemented by delivering medicine to the homes of patients of senior citizens and people of determination in Dubai, and that was in December of 2019, then the authority expanded its scope with The global challenge of the “Covid 19” pandemic, to cover all regions of the country, for free.

He pointed out that the authority was able during the period from December 2019 to the same month of 2020 to deliver one and a half million medicine packages to patients in their homes by 500 thousand medicinal items, noting that the service, which began with two buses to deliver medicine to homes in December 2019, was developed rapidly and noticeably to keep pace with Due to the circumstances of the “Covid 19” pandemic, as the number of buses increased last March to 10, and from it to 30 buses in the month of April. These buses are equipped according to the highest standards and standards in force internationally in transporting medicine.


Dr. Ali Al-Sayed said: The authority cooperated with its partners who took the initiative to deliver the medicine to homes at the beginning of the pandemic, namely Talabat and Aramex, which greatly helped bring the medicine to every place across the country.

Dr. Ali Al-Sayed talked about the strategic stockpile of the drug during the confrontation with the “Covid 19” pandemic, explaining that with the beginning of the pandemic, the authority had raised the rates of the strategic stockpile of the drug from two months to six months, and the same was true for its stockpile with drug companies, explaining that this was an important safety and reassurance factor In responding to the pandemic.

For her part, Dr. Hamda Khansaheb, Head of the Medical Research Department at the Medical Education and Research Department at the authority, said that 78 scientific papers were completed that were approved by the Scientific Research Ethics Committee last year, pointing out that the Authority cooperated in 2020 with many scientific and academic institutions Which participated in preparing distinguished research among these institutions, Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, with which it carried out saliva examination to diagnose “Covid 19”. She also completed with the university and with the participation of the “Al Jalila Foundation” a study on “the genetic sequence of” Covid 19 “.

She indicated that the authority also participated with the Emirates University in a research entitled “The Impact of Covid 19 on the Mental and Occupational Health of Health Practitioners,” as well as cooperation with Khalifa and Sharjah Universities, in addition to other universities and centers outside the country, including the British University of Birmingham, in preparing a study on “Outcome.” Surgical cases of Covid 19 “with the participation of other specialized institutions in 80 countries.

At the conclusion of the sessions of the first day of the forum, Julian Callanan, CEO of Centrix, reviewed aspects of cooperation between the Dubai Health Authority and the company in the field of 3D printing technology, and what the printing unit owned by Dubai Health has accomplished in this field, where the authority was able to contribute to The protection of the first line of defense through the distinctive face masks that were produced with this advanced technology, as well as the means and tools for laboratory testing for “Covid 19”, for the sample swab tool that was provided with 3D printing technology.



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