Dubai Health launches the first program of the German Board of Orthopedic Surgery – UAE – news and reports


The Orthopedic Department at Rashid Hospital announced that the German Board Program launched by the hospital in cooperation with the German Society for Orthopedic Surgery in Berlin, which is the first of its kind outside Germany, has managed to attract 8 national doctors so far, and 4 non-national doctors have been attracted to the Arab Board program. .

In detail, Dr. Bilal Al-Yafawi, a consultant and head of the orthopedic department at Rashid Hospital, said: The negotiation process with the German Society began in 2012 and the agreement was signed in 2014, that is, after two years of negotiations and mutual visits that included the evaluation of the hospital in terms of doctors ’competence and the number of operations performed annually. And the quality of operations and training programs carried out by the hospital, considering that the German Board is one of the highest scientific certificates awarded by the German Society of Orthopedic Surgery first and second because it is the first time approved by the association outside Germany.

Dr. Bilal said: The duration of the program is 6 years, including 5 years of work and training in the orthopedic department at Rashid Hospital, pointing out that the program includes the scientific and practical aspect, and in the last year the doctor goes to Germany to take the German Board Exam.

Dr. Bilal Al-Yafawi explained that in the first year the doctor works for 6 months in the care department and 6 months in the emergency department, and in the second year the doctor works for 6 months in the general surgery department and 6 months in neurosurgery, after which he actually starts working in the orthopedic department, and the operations that are recorded are recorded. It is carried out by the doctor and its quality gradually, to be approved by the German committee.

Dr. Bilal Al-Yafawi pointed out that the resident doctors have demonstrated high competence through their work in the first line of defense during the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the head of the orthopedics department at Rashid Hospital stated that the program saved the doctors and the state huge sums in terms of the cost of studying in Germany and the subsequent housing And food and drink in addition to tickets, and it provided doctors with the opportunity to obtain the German Board while they were inside the country with their families and families, and spared them the hardship and troubles of alienation, especially for female national doctors, as parents often objected to their daughters traveling abroad.

Arabic Board

With regard to the Arab Board in Orthopedics, Dr. Bilal Al-Yafawi explained that there are 4 resident doctors of different nationalities currently training in the department, pointing out that the idea behind creating these programs is to create a second generation of young leaders in the department who have the competence and experience to occupy leadership positions in the future. .

It is noteworthy that Rashid Hospital ranks among the top 10 advanced centers specializing in the field of orthopedics and fractures at the level of Europe and the Middle East and North Africa region, compared to the number, quality and lack of complications of the operations carried out by the department, which amount to 6000 operations annually related to the pelvis, spine and fractures. Joints, endoscopes, and more.

The results of the latest report of the global company, Johnson & Johnson, after multiple comparisons made by the company between hundreds of international centers specializing in orthopedics and fractures in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa in terms of the number of operations that are performed, the quality and accuracy of the operations, their negative complications, and the capabilities available in these departments.

the trust

The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Rashid Hospital – affiliated to the Dubai Health Authority – has been accredited as an internationally accredited center for training orthopedists from various countries of the world, after meeting all the criteria, conditions and requirements for this accreditation.

Dr. Bilal Al-Yafawi, Consultant and Head of the Orthopedic Department at Rashid Hospital, explained that this global report constitutes an incentive for the department and the hospital in general, to move forward on the path of progress, achievement and leadership to maintain this advanced position in the world.


Fahd Basleib, Executive Director of Rashid Hospital, affirmed the great interest that the Dubai Health Authority attaches to developing its health facilities to keep pace with the rapid global developments in the medical field, by adopting the latest global systems, technologies and practices, and attracting medical competencies and expertise capable of dealing with various diseases and complex processes. .



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