Dubai Health announces the arrival of a new shipment of the “Pfizer-Biontec” vaccine against Corona


Dubai – Mubasher: The Dubai Health Authority announced the arrival of a new shipment of the “Pfizer-Biontech” vaccine against “Covid-19”, which was distributed to its health centers in Dubai designated for the vaccination campaign.

The Executive Director of the Supportive Medical Services and Nursing and Head of the Steering Committee for the Vaccination of “Covid-19” in the Dubai Health Authority said that the vaccination plan targets citizens and residents of the elderly, people with chronic diseases and people of determination who hold a valid residency in Dubai, in addition to vaccinating members of the first line of defense and owners Vital occupations.

Farida Al-Khaja noted the need to obtain a prior appointment for vaccination by calling the toll-free number 800342 to determine the type of vaccine and the date of vaccination, according to the Emirates News Agency, “WAM”.

The authority began the vaccination campaign with the “Pfizer-Biontech” vaccine on December 23rd.

With the expansion of its scope, it subsequently used the vaccines “Sinopharm” and “AstraZeneca-Oxford” in order to provide multiple options for the target of vaccination.

She also clarified that the vaccination of the members of the first line of defense and the vital professions is carried out in coordination between the Dubai Health Authority and the authorities, departments and institutions in which they work, stressing that the priority for registration at this stage is for ages 60 years and over.


The UAE records 3,236 new cases of “Corona” and 14 deaths

The UAE is the first in the Arab world and the second in the world in managing the Corona crisis


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