“Don’t cry, Mary” … the story of a woman who caught eyes at Umm Kulthum’s party


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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Rana Al-Jumayy wrote:

The beloved remains loved even if he is gone, even if many years have passed since his departure, at the famous Umm Kulthum concert in which she sings “He is true to the desires of Ghallab”. A woman was sitting among the crowd, and on her face showed great emotion, closing her eyes as if she imagined her lover in front of her Umm Kulthum sings that passage, “Oh my heart, ah.” As the lady wipes her face with a handkerchief that flares up with feelings and emotions, that woman who appeared on the 33rd minute of the ceremony remained an icon among the most famous admirers in Umm Kulthum’s history completely unknown, without knowing any details about her life.

Mary Michel used to attend Umm Kulthum’s concerts, on the first Thursday of every month, nothing obstructed her for that, says Tamer Raouf, her grandson who works as an actor, “She used to consider these moments of her relaxation”, as she was finishing her work as a translator in A downtown company, then runs towards her house on Qasr El Nil Street, where she dresses up in the finest dresses, and then her husband, Doctor Shafiq Al-Sindi, takes her, and they walk together until they reach the Opera Cinema, which is not far from their home as well.

1Mary came with her family to Egypt in the thirties, coming from the Levant, and she got to know her husband after that in the forties, at which time her passion came without appointments, and Shafiq was 12 years older than Mary, “He was a simple person, and he respected her, Oy, and kind.” The two got married; Shafiq wishes her life with joys, as they began to establish their small family, the first of which was the son Raouf, born in 1947, and during the following years, Mary gave birth to a boy and a girl.

While life was going quietly “and all its sweetness increases”, Merry also did not think that “one day he will take me far.” So when the couple goes alone at Umm Kulthum’s party, and at other times with the children, it did not count for time its treachery, except that it happened. In 1956, Shafiq passed away at a young age, at the time Mary was forty-three years old, with the responsibility of raising three children alone, and only attending Umm Kulthum’s concerts.

This is how Mary lived between heaven and fire, and her consolation remained in attending the six parties, rejoicing near her, and enjoying her wonderful voice, and she met her and sat with her, as Tamer says, not only did she consider her a singer, but as a friend as well, especially since El-Sitt and Meri were at a very early age. From each other.

Just as Mary tried to secure the treachery of time again after the death of her husband, another tragedy came to her, reminding her that covenants do not work “with those who are not safe.” For years after the tragedy of the departure of her husband’s Shafiq, Umm Kulthum herself left in 1975, and as if Mary did not bear that fate From sadness, as Umm Kulthum said in her song, “People of love described to me a medicine / I found a medicine in his grief,” so increased the sorrow of Miri Hanim, who could not be more patient than that, as her heart betrayed her one afternoon in 1979.

On that day, her sons waited for her in front of the Metro cinema, where they agreed to watch the movie “Don’t Cry Oh Lover of Life” together, but Mary did not come, she felt tired during her work, so her colleagues took her to have an electrocardiogram, but death quickly realized her without getting tired at the age of one Fifty, she departed in a heartbreaking calm for the beloved.

2 - Merry's grandson


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