Donia Batma responds to Mona Al-Saber with the help of a song by Muhammad Ramadan … Video


Al-Madina News: – The Moroccan artist, Donia Batma, posted a video clip of her on her “Instagram” page, with the aim of responding to her critics with the help of a song by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan.

Batma appears in a small video clip that she posted on her account to confirm that she is “the number one”, using a video clip from a famous song by Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan.

According to Laha magazine, which is specialized in news of art and stars, it is known that the song “Number One” by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan includes “a response to the haters and indicates that the artist is the number one in the world of art.”

The magazine noted that the followers of the Moroccan artist considered the witness as an advertisement from her that she is “the number one” and that she does not care about criticism, noting that the viewer may be considered a response to the statements of Mona Al-Saber, the mother of Hala Al-Turk, who attacked her and described her as “the patient”, confirming that it is the cause of “destruction.” Her family, “according to the source.


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