Do you remember Ahmed Al-Sharif? He returned after a long absence and became a trend on social media (video)


Despite his years away from the artistic scene, the Tunisian star of “Star Academy 1”, Ahmed El-Sherif, decided to restore his fans and brilliance and be “Trend” on social media, through a new song that he published on his official YouTube channel. So he released a song in the Lebanese dialect entitled “Yumyi” from the words of Alexander, composed and distributed by Hady Abdel Maqsoud, and directed by Khalil Al-Aidi, and the song won the admiration of thousands of his fans, who confirmed that they are waiting for his return, and expressed their longing to hear his beautiful voice and songs. , His handsomeness and his charisma.Ahmed succeeded in being a “trend” on social media after he regained the love of the audience, as he activated his page on the “Instagram” application and recalled important stages in the period following his exit from the academy and the fame that he gained through his beautiful songs.

Al-Sharif is preparing to choose new works in the coming period, and he is also expected to reduce the strict measures taken by some countries due to the Corona pandemic, to make an artistic tour in a number of Arab countries and return to reviving concerts and media appearances.

Al-Sharif’s last work, after his first return after an absence of years for family reasons, was the clip of the song “Let us return” in the Tunisian dialect, which he released in 2019.


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