Dina El-Sherbiny faces bad luck after her separation from the plateau


Between the injuries of some stars of the series “Qasr al-Nil”, we have al-Sherbini with Corona virus infection, and other crises with filming, to the arrest of the series’s producer, all of them are problems that haunt the series, which is scheduled to be shown in the Ramadan 2021 season.What about the fate of the series for next Ramadan?

Press information indicates that the case in which producer Muhammad Mishish was accused some time ago and was arrested two days ago due to forged seals that did not affect the fate of the series.

The series “Qasr al-Nil” was never affected by the issue of the product of the work, as a private source confirmed to Nawaeem that the work continues in filming and it is never correct to stop it or disrupt the filming path.

The events of the series revolve around the issue of inheritance and murder in the 1950s, and Dina El-Sherbiny embodies the character of a wife whose husband dies at the beginning of the series’ events, which makes her forced to marry her husband’s brother to be the second wife and the excitement events begin the rest of the episodes.
Dina El Sherbiny’s videos
Dina El-Sherbiny tries to communicate with her fans constantly through her own page on Instagram, with special videos of her during her sports training, which she is working on during the current period to maintain her fitness during filming.

Dina El-Sherbiny keeps her photos that Amr Diab collects on the plateau on her Instagram page, and she did not delete them after announcing their separation months ago. The same is true for Amr Diab, who still keeps pictures of Dina El-Sherbiny on his Instagram page.


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