Digital currencies lose $ 100 billion in less than two hours – Economic – Global Economy


Cryptocurrencies fell sharply, losing more than $ 100 billion in less than two hours of market value, with a strong selling wave that included most of the traded currencies.

Bitcoin fell, on Monday, after rising to an all-time high the previous day, as selling in global stocks impeded risk appetite, and with other currencies, it lost about $ 100 billion in about two hours.

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency has dropped more than 10 percent to less than $ 50,000, making it on its way to its worst day in a month.

And its last drop was by 7.5 percent to 53,177 dollars.

And Bitcoin jumped to a record high of 58,354 dollars on Sunday, and it rose during the beginning of this week to record levels, to almost double its value since the beginning of the year. Its market value reached a trillion dollars on Friday.

Competitor cryptocurrency Ethereum also fell after hitting a record high on Saturday.



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