Did Meshary Al-Balam die due to the Corona vaccine? … Kuwaiti Health responds


Information circulating about the death of the Kuwaiti artist Mishary Al-Balam, after receiving the new Corona virus vaccine (Covid-19), has sparked confusion and confusion among the pioneers of social networking sites, which required the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health to clarify.

Professor of pediatrics and infectious diseases and a member of the vaccination committee at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed denied the reported “rumors” about the relationship of the anti-“Covid-19” vaccine to the deaths that occur as a result of infection, and said that the vaccine has nothing to do with infection with the virus, confirming At the same time, it is “safe” and “effective”. According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa.

And Dr. Al-Saeed added: If everyone took the vaccine and was infected with the Coronavirus, we would have found hundreds of thousands of infections and deaths around the world, as there are more than 200 million people around the world who took the anti-“Covid-19” vaccines.

Al-Saeed advised everyone to take the initiative to continue registering and taking vaccinations, and not to heed the rumors that spread about the safety of the vaccine, saying: Corona is the “killer” and not the “vaccine.”

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health affirmed its absolute respect for the privacy of information related to all patients and the preservation of their rights, based on the ethics of practicing medical professions and the laws regulating their practice in the country.

In the same context, she posted a press clarification on her Twitter account about what is being circulated about the privacy of patients’ information and preserving their rights, in which she stated that the technical committees composed of specialized doctors, around the clock, follow up the cases that receive the Covid-19 vaccination, and analyze and audit data and side effects, if any, This is according to an accurate scientific methodology, stressing its absolute respect for the privacy of information related to all patients and preserving their rights, based on the ethics of practicing medical professions and the laws regulating their practice in the country.

She also stressed that no unexpected side effects or any death related to Covid-19 vaccinations have been detected – so far – among the total number of cases that received vaccination through the vaccine platforms approved for use in the country.

She noted that the data received from the technical committees confirm the effectiveness and safety of vaccines available in the country, and indicate an increase in the proportions of those who received the vaccine and those who took the initiative to register for vaccination.

She noted that the Covid-19 vaccinations are highly effective and protect against infection by a large percentage, and that the protection or immunity resulting from it begins and gradually increases after a period of not less than 10 to 14 days after vaccination.

She explained that the Covid-19 vaccinations currently available in the country do not affect the activity of the disease in the event that the person who received the vaccination was a carrier of the virus and did not show symptoms at the time, and it did not affect the swab readings, so it could not make it positive after vaccination, in the absence of infection. Basically, knowing that there are no scientific or global recommendations yet to make a swab to indicate the absence of the virus before taking the Covid-19 vaccinations.

And she called for the necessity of adopting all means of prevention, and staying away from gatherings, especially during the holiday period of Happy National Holidays, and we also wish everyone safety, good health and wellness.

And the artist Al-Balam died last Thursday evening, days after he was transferred to the intensive care unit at Jaber Hospital, after his health deteriorated after being infected with the Coronavirus.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Watan, “Mishari Al-Balam was infected with the Coronavirus while receiving the first dose of the anti-virus vaccine, as he fell asleep after infection in Sheikh Jaber Hospital in Kuwait.”

And through a picture published by al-Balam from the hospital on his account on “Instagram”, he said: “Do not forget me from your prayers.


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