Did Meshari Al-Balam die as a result of a medical error? His father confirms: A cortisone needle ended his life


Colleagues of the late artist posted Meshary Albulam, Through their Insta Story accounts, photos from the Sulaibikhat cemetery, where he was buried.
The pictures were very impressive, including a picture of the late artist’s clothes, and other pictures of the place where he was buried, along with praying for him to be his resting place in Heaven.
Questions also abounded about whether it was a medical error that claimed the life of the late artist Mishary Al-Balam, after circulating a video clip through various accounts on “Instagram” in which his father appeared talking about the cause of his son’s death, indicating that he was vaccinated while he was infected with the Coronavirus, and it was He is supposed to undergo a corona examination before he is vaccinated, in order to ascertain whether he has corona or not, and he also noted that he had been injected with cortisone, which caused his death.

The father of the late Mishari Al-Balam said from the vicinity of the Sulaibikhat cemetery, “Praise be to God, may God reward you with good. You did not fail, and this indicates the goodness of Kuwaitis, their origin and everyone who asked in the whole world. He took the vaccine, but he was infected with corona, and it was assumed before he was given the vaccine to make sure that he was Is he infected with Corona or not. And they gave him a cortisone needle, which is the one that ended him. ”

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