Developing a “super vaccine” that protects against mutated Corona strains and colds


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February 11, 2021

13:58 pm

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A group of scientists are working in the midst of the outbreak of the new Corona virus among the countries of the world to develop a new effective vaccine against the virus and its mutated strains.
The newspaper «New York Times» said that scientists are working to develop a vaccine that can protect against the emerging corona virus and its strains, seasonal colds, and what is expected in the future from a new pandemic of the Corona virus.
The newspaper pointed out that researchers have now begun to develop prototypes for the so-called “Pan Corona virus” vaccine or “All Coronavirus” vaccine, with promising results emerging early in animal experiments, and considered that the invention of Corona virus vaccines will be remembered as a milestone In the history of medicine, after manufacturing in a matter of months, what used to take up to a decade ago.
Dr. Kaifon Mudgarad, director of the Emerging Infectious Diseases Branch at the Walter Reed Military Research Institute in Silver Springs, Maryland, had a different opinion, and feels he is not satisfied with this.
He told the newspaper: “This is not fast enough. More than 2.3 million people have died around the world, and many countries will not have full access to vaccines for another year or two.” He added, “Speed ​​.. The real speed is his presence there on the first day.”
Dr. Mudgarad is one of many scientists who have demanded for years a different type of vaccine. It can work against all corona viruses, but these calls were largely ignored until Covid 19 showed how catastrophic corona viruses could be, but the newspaper warned in its report of more waves of virus spread in the future, as the blood of bats and mammals abounds The other strains and types of this large family of viruses, and these pathogens will inevitably cross the species barrier, and cause new pandemics, and it is only a matter of time.
For his part, Dr. Eric Topol, professor of molecular medicine at the “Scripps Research Institute” in California, USA, expressed his belief that scientists should cooperate in another large-scale project to create a vaccine immediately. She added to the newspaper: “We have to provide a real workforce to accelerate this matter, so that we can get it this year.” Nature journal. (Agencies)

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