Detective Chinatown 3 grosses $ 621 million worldwide


“Detective Chinatown 3”, grossed $ 621 million at the box office around the world, which on the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday set a record $ 160 million and ended the weekend with a staggering total of $ 397.2 million. The Three Day Show, according to Artisan Gateway.

European cinemas saw a 70.6% drop at the box office, as cinemas closures due to Corona wiped $ 7.5 billion in revenue, as figures released by the International Film Federation (UNIC) showed a 70.6% drop in the box office across Europe in In 2020, (6.2 billion euros) through 38 European regions.

Although the government’s response to the coronavirus epidemic varied widely between European countries, countries such as Italy and Spain took a quick and severe lockdown early on, while other countries, including Sweden and the Netherlands, chose less restrictive measures, but this difference is reflected in the box office results as a whole. Revenue declined everywhere, with a few exceptions, for example Italy, the first European country to enter a lockdown in Corona, saw a 71% decrease in box office revenue for 2020.

فيلم Detective Chinatown 3
فيلم Detective Chinatown 3


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