Despite his affiliation with Zamalek, Amr Adib inflames the enthusiasm of Al-Ahly fans after the bronze world


Media Amr Adib, known for his affiliation with the Zamalek club, sent a message of congratulations to Al-Ahly players after winning the bronze medal of the Club World Cup at the expense of Palmeiras, Brazil.

Adeeb wrote through his official account on the Twitter site, “By God, my brother, I have extended my happiness to Egypt and the Arab world.

He added: “Thanks to Al-Ahly and thanks to its heroes, and I hope that this will be the guarantor that will remain. Al-Ahly is full of this year’s championships, and it will facilitate the last tournaments for us! Congratulations club of joy, happiness and pride.

Al-Ahly defeated the Brazilian club Palmeiras 3/2 in the match that took place between them Thursday evening, to be crowned the bronze medal for the Club World Cup for the second time in its history after it had already won it in 2006.


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