Days after receiving the Corona vaccine, Meshary Al-Balam enters intensive care and the stars are asking to pray for him


Kuwaiti artist transferred Meshary Albalam, To the intensive care unit at Jaber Hospital, due to developments in his health condition after his injury to B.Corona Virus The novelty “Covid-19”.

Kuwaiti media revealed Mai Aidan, That the artist’s health Meshary AlbalamIt deteriorated as a result of a decrease in oxygen levels due to his exposure to complications from Corona, asking the public to pray for him.

She added in a post on her account on the “Instagram” site: “Your invitations to our artist brother Meshary Albalam He was admitted to the intensive care unit at Jaber Hospital after low oxygen due to his infection with the Coronavirus … your prayers, and the judiciary would only respond to supplication.

The artist also posted Shaima Sat Portrait of the artist Meshary Albalam A writer commented on it: “Oh God, I ask you of your great kindness and generosity, and you will leave the beautiful to heal my artist brother # Mishary Al-Balam and provide him with health and wellness. O God, we ask you, by your beautiful names and your high attributes, to wish him a speedy recovery, and to not leave him with pain except his medicine, nor pain except his dwelling and no disease but cure him, O God, dress us and her in the garment of health.

Well the artist called Habib Ghuloom By praying for him, he wrote in a tweet on his Twitter account: “Oh Lord, your kindness, Lord, in our brother, the artist, # Mishari_al-Balam, is taking care of the damn # Corona.

He was a Kuwaiti artist Meshary Albalam He announced that he was infected with the Korna virus, expressing his apology for not being able to respond to the calls, due to the infection, which resulted in him being transferred to Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, where he commented on his picture while wearing a respirator “Do not forget me who called you. Praise be to God anyway, and thanks to my family, artists and the loyal, beloved audience, for the question, and everything that happened during the vaccination afflicted Corona. God predestined and what He willed did and forgive me as much as I could respond to the communications.

And Al-Balam had published a few days ago a video during his first dose of Corona vaccine Kuwait.

It is noteworthy that the ballam will appear in the Ramadan season 2021 in the series “Darb Al-Hawa” directed by Hamad Saeed Al-Badri, the story of Fatima Hussein, and the scenario of dialogue Dakhil Obaid Al-Nabhan.


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