“Crises and Disasters” in Dubai decides to extend preventive measures until the month of Ramadan – local – others


The Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai, headed by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, decided to extend the work of the preventive measures that were adopted by the committee at the beginning of this month of February, and to continue their application until mid-April 2021, specifically until the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan. In light of the results of the evaluation, monitoring and continuous follow-up process and the effectiveness of these measures demonstrated over the month of February, as the recommendations submitted to the committee by the authorities concerned with dealing with the emerging corona virus unanimously emphasized the importance of continuing to work with these measures until further notice.

The committee stressed the importance of flexibility in taking decisions on preventive measures according to the need, and that the response to the Covid-19 pandemic is proceeding according to a clear plan and specific roles and in coordination between all concerned parties, and the committee commended the influential role of the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, and the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in Coordination of pandemic control operations at the state level, where coordination and exchange of information and data continues, and the procedures and steps required for developments in the situation, internally and internationally, are required to ensure the highest levels of protection and safety for all citizens, residents and visitors.

The committee praised the rapid pace of vaccination campaigns with the new Corona virus vaccines in Dubai and at the level of the United Arab Emirates with the directives and follow-up of the wise leadership, as the number of doses that were provided until Thursday 25 February exceeded 5.8 million doses, while the number of tests exceeded 30 million examinations throughout the country Which is one of the highest rates in the world in relation to the number of the population, whether in terms of the vaccine doses provided or the number of examinations, which proves the strength of the health care system in the UAE and its commitment to providing the best forms of support for all components of society, and highlights its ability to deal efficiently with one of the most dangerous epidemics that the world has faced. In its recent history.

In light of the new decision, the procedures that have been announced and applied will be extended from February 2, as these measures will remain in effect until the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, and include:

– Continuing to reduce the numbers in cinemas, recreational and sporting activities and events inside closed halls by 50% of the place’s capacity while strengthening preventive measures
– The number of visitors to shopping centers, hotel guests, and users of swimming pools and private beaches in hotel establishments should not exceed 70% of the place’s capacity
– One after midnight will be the maximum closing date for restaurants and cafes in Dubai.
Continuing to tighten control and intensify inspection campaigns and control visits to confirm the implementation of prevention protocols and precautionary measures, foremost of which is commitment to spatial distancing and wearing masks, in accordance with what is announced and in effect in this regard.

The Supreme Committee warned against laxity in implementing preventive measures, stressing that these measures represent a protective shield and the only guarantee in the face of one of the most severe and deepest epidemics affecting all health, social and economic levels, while community cooperation in all its segments and components remains in addressing this great challenge and commitment to implementing steps. The recommended measures in all locations, whether at the personal or institutional level, are the mainstay of all efforts aimed at peacefully crossing this crisis, and the speed of recovery from its consequences depends on the extent of commitment to the application of preventive measures.
In addition, the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai clarified the continuation of the “901” hotline service, as well as the “Eye of the Police” service, within the Dubai Police smart application, to receive reports about violations, whether by individuals, institutions, or any party that does not adhere to the described procedures.

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