Coronavirus: Why do some of us fear the vaccine?


  • Hanan Abdel Razek
  • BBC News Arabic

A scientist holding a syringe and a bottle with a sign "Covid 19"

After the vaccination campaigns started in the Arab countries recently, I told my mother jokingly, how lucky you are because because of your age, you will be one of the groups that will receive the vaccine in the coming months, while I belong to an age group due to which I may wait until the end of the year before I can take the vaccine and remove it. The current blockade, let me not be surprised by the response that she is hesitant to take the vaccine because the information available so far is not sufficiently reassuring that “the vaccines are really safe and we do not know yet if they have long-term side effects.”

Arab countries have started vaccination campaigns in recent weeks, using vaccines, most notably the German-American Veserbiontic, the Chinese Sinopharm, the British Oxford AstraZeneca, and the Russian Sputnik. Research shows that each country needs to vaccinate 65-70% of its total population in order to reach community immunity that stops the spread of the disease.


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