Corona raises the number of online shoppers 41% in Turkey


  Corona pushed many consumers to online shopping (Getty)</p><div><p>Brought back a crisis <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">Corona pandemic</a>, Industry structuring <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">the shopping</a> With the majority of the local community in the Turkish market entering the compulsory quarantine since last March, to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

“The country has surpassed many countries in the rates of e-commerce increase since March 2020,” said Isra Sozma, deputy director of marketing at one of Turkey’s popular online shopping sites.

Suzma stated that consumer habits have changed with the outbreak of Corona, noting that their number has increased by 41% through e-commerce within the Turkish market, since March, pointing out that, “Likewise, there are 49 out of 100 consumers who will not give up their new habits that they have acquired. The medium and long terms. ”

She added, “In 2019, the percentage of retailers who do e-commerce was 6.2% of all retailers in Turkey, and in 2020 this percentage is expected to be 8.5%.”

And contributed to the transfer of most of life activities such as education, work, entertainment and sports to the home, due to the epidemic, to support the growth of the e-commerce market. “The change in lifestyle due to Corona, contributed to the growth of the online retail sector.”

Suzma stated that the new habits that consumers acquired during the epidemic period will continue afterwards as well, because some of them saw the benefits of online shopping when they had to try it for the first time.



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