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At a summit on the Corona pandemic, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her colleagues in the European Union Thursday (25 February 2021) discussed a number of issues, including the possession of people with a vaccination card against the virus as a condition for travel abroad.

This summit, which was held with video technology, came a year after the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, while most of the 27 European Union countries are witnessing a second wave of injuries and a third wave for some, while there is no rapid decline in the number of injuries on the continent. As the vaccination campaigns slowed and the British and South African revolutions spread.

Opinions differed on the vaccination card. While the German Chancellor expressed her reservations about the card; Her Austrian colleague Sebastian Curtis is pressing for a release. Differences also emerged among the European Union countries over tightening entry rules to their territories, as Germany did. However, all the leaders of the 27 countries want to work together to speed up vaccinations and stop the spread of feared mutated varieties of the virus.

The Europeans want to be prepared, especially in case it becomes necessary to prepare second-generation vaccines that are capable of immunization against mutated versions of the virus. Brussels has promised to speed up the process of giving the green light.

During the summit Thursday, the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, called for permanent European competencies in health issues, as a lesson from the lessons learned from the Corona pandemic. According to his office, Sassoli said, “The task should be to develop a European health policy and establish clearly defined competencies” in this area in the institutions of the European Union. Sassoli added that bringing about changes to EU treaties on the matter should not be “taboo” anymore.

PM / YA (dpa, AFP)


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