Continue until dawn … Details of an astronomical phenomenon in the Egyptian sky tonight


Youssef Afifi wrote:
Dr. Ashraf Tadros, professor of astrophysics and head of the media committee at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, revealed the details of an astronomical phenomenon that takes place in the sky of Egypt tonight, and continues until dawn, represented in the coupling of the moon with the star cluster – (the beehive).

Tadros explained to Masrawy, that the moon is associated with the star cluster, the beehive in Cancer, and this conjunction can be seen when entering the night in the evening until sunset at about 5:30 a.m. on Friday morning, indicating that the difficulty of seeing the star cluster the beehive with the naked eye will require Use a telescope.

He explained that the phenomenon has absolutely no harm to humans or daily activities on Earth, as it is enjoyable in its observations and is loved by astronomers and those interested in observing the sky to follow and photograph this phenomenon.

This month of February witnesses 8 astronomical phenomena, the first of which began on the 6th of this month, with the conjunction of Venus with Saturn, and these phenomena will conclude on February 28, so that Mercury is at its highest altitude above the eastern horizon several minutes before sunrise.

Source: Masrawy


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