Confidence dilemma … Why are some people afraid of the Corona vaccine?


Follow-up _ Nour Njeim:

In light of the confusion of Arab and foreign countries, between supporters of and opponents of the Corona vaccine. The vaccine remains the hope for the end of the “nightmare” that we have been living in for a year, and for the return to normal life.

In this regard, psychologist Alaa Hegazy explains that, in light of the Corona crisis, “there has become a trust dilemma” for many of us. Consequently, this fear is understood at this stage, as the vaccine “has become, in some way, embodying our fears of the unknown. A person usually needs certainty and the vaccine up to now has a margin of lack of knowledge. – Even if we are advocates of the vaccine, this does not negate our lack of knowledge of the side effects within 5 or 7 years.” .

The reason for the current fear of the vaccine: the speed of reaching a vaccine, which usually takes years.

As for side effects, Amjad Al-Khouli, a consultant epidemiologist at the World Health Organization, says that this fear is correct to some degree, but a distinction must be made between simple and good side effects.

Al-Khouli added that so far, “side effects have been observed, such as a high temperature or pain at the puncture site.”

In turn, the World Health Organization confirms that there is no evidence yet of a close relationship linking deaths to the vaccine.

Some have expressed concern about certain vaccines due to the way they are manufactured. For example, the German-American Pfizer-Bionic vaccine and the American Moderna are among the vaccines that used a relatively modern method of manufacturing. This raised some fears.

Regarding these concerns, Al-Khouli reassures: “This method has been used over the past years to treat some types of cancer. It has proven its effectiveness and that studies conducted have confirmed its safety. Vaccines are generally judged by efficacy and safety of use, which is what drives major drug organizations to approve it, not how it is manufactured.


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