Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, celebrities have proven that “love is real” and are led by Ahlam and Helmy Abed Fahd and Ahmed Zahir


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Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, celebrities have proven that “love is real” and they are led by Ahlam and Dreamy Abed Fahd and Ahmed Zahir, today, Sunday, February 14, 2021 09:02 AM

With the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day that falls on us after a few days on February 14, 2021, we review with you the most beautiful stories of love that have stood for many years among celebrity couples who have proven the saying that “love is real” and that no difficulties in the institution of marriage are shaken by any difficulties in the institution of marriage, and they are headed by Abed Fahd and Ahmed Zahir Ahmed Helmy and the artist Ahlam and others.

Ahmed Zahir and his wife Hoda Zahir

Artist Ahmed Zahir was related to his wife Hoda Farouk 18 years ago, in which he lived on “the sweet and the bitter”, as he suffered during his marriage with a rare disease, but his wife supported him and stood by him until he regained his strength, health and artistic activity after a pause for years and Ahmed Zahir says his wife is the most important stroke of luck in His life was Tawfiq from God after she lived with him the most difficult moments during his illness and the couple had 4 daughters, Malak and Laila (two actresses), Mona and Nour, and love still envelops their marital life as they are considered one of the most resilient marriages among the artistic community.

Cyrine Abdel Nour and her husband

The star Cyrine Abdel Nour has been married for more than 10 years from her current husband, Farid Rahma, without any differences between them coming to light. On the contrary, the two always live romantic moments that they share through social media accounts and exchange words of love and flirtation. The duo has two children: Next, And the child Cristiano, whom Serene gave birth to a few years ago.

Ahmed Helmy And his wife Mona Zaki

The Egyptian duo Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki are among the most artistic marriages that have proven their ideal and steadfastness after nearly 17 years of their engagement. With three children, they are: Li Li, Salim, and Yunus.

Abed Fahd and his wife Zeina Yazji

When Abed Fahd met his wife Zeina Al-Yazji in 1999 on television while presenting her papers, his heart beat her from the first moment, and this feeling has still pulsed in the heart of the Syrian artist since his marriage to her in 2003, which makes them also one of the most resilient couples of their marriage as they proved that love The real thing continues and glows with the years, and the couple have two boys: Luna, who is currently 16 years old, and Tim (ten years old).

The artist Dreams And her husband

The relationship of the artist Ahlam with her husband Mubarak Al-Hajri is one of the most beautiful and solid love stories among the duo of the artistic community, and this is also evident through Ahlam’s keenness to share a side of this romance with her husband through social media, where she exchanges messages of love and love with him. Ahlam, who married Mubarak Al-Hajri about 17 years ago She had three sons from him: Lulwa, Fatima and Fahed, and the family lives a stable life.

Assi El-Hillani and his wife Colette Paul

The star Assi El-Hillani maintains his bonds of love with his wife, Miss Lebanon Colette Paul, with whom he was related 22 years ago, and he was keen in recent periods to share with the public part of this love between them after his wife participated in a number of recent clips, especially during their celebration of their wedding anniversary, and the couple have 3 children At the age of youth, they are: the artist Marita El-Helani, and Dana, the artist Al-Walid El-Helani.

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