“Clubhouse” … virtual, uncontrollable rooms


The “Club House” application occupies an area of ​​interest from the pioneers of social media, and it became the talk of the world after the number of times it was downloaded to the “Apple” application store to 8 million times, but several sources revealed that the application was easily vulnerable to hacking and stealing users’ data, despite the confirmation of those in charge Adding more encryption to prevent any data leakage, while criticism continues for the work of this application that is vulnerable to vulnerabilities to penetrate the privacy and security of societies.
Reuters reported indications of a major security breach of the app. “Clubhouse is reviewing its data after reports of leaking user data,” the agency said. Last month, the app witnessed a large turnout of users, even though it has been around since March 2020.
Reports said that the high demand for the application came as a result of the announcement by Elon Musk, founder of “SpaceX” and “Tesla”, that it would host an audio conversation with Vladimir Tanvey, CEO of the application “Robin Hood”.
The “Clubhouse” is considered a social media application, and it can be accessed so far by invitation only. Members are allowed to join virtual rooms for voice discussions on various topics. And unlike other social networks that rely heavily on writing, the Clubhouse app’s platform is based on voice, not text, which makes it look like an interactive “podcast” or a conference call.
The “Clubhouse” company faces several questions about whether it is equipped to deal with abuse and harmful speech on its application, especially with its increase in size, in addition to that it is an uncontrollable application, as anyone can broadcast certain content by entering the room, then He summons a large number of people in order to broadcast what he wants to these people without any restrictions, and then closes the room, according to some experts. An unknown person can also set up a room in which he broadcasts content that spreads hatred or incites extremism and combats social values ​​without anyone being able to follow him or condemn him for violations of the privacy and the sanctity of society.


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