“Clubhouse” promises additional repairs after the privacy of its rooms is compromised


The social media platform Club House confirmed Clubhouse One of its users was able to pull audio feeds from the app and make them accessible from a third-party website, which raised security concerns about the fledgling service, according to the website. Theverge.

He told a spokesperson Clubhouse, the Bloomberg news site, that “multiple rooms” have been affected, and that the user behind the abuse has been “permanently blocked.” He also added that the platform had put in place “guarantees” to prevent this from happening again. Without mentioning any specific details of those guarantees.

This latest security incident comes after a week of criticism Club House Because of weaknesses in its infrastructure. A report from Stanford Internet Monitor found that users’ unique app ID numbers and chat room IDs are sent in plain text, which could theoretically allow an outside observer to determine who is talking to who is on the app. It also uses Clubhouse is also a company.Now Inc Based in Shanghai, for its backend infrastructure. As a Chinese company, the Now The legal obligation to assist the Chinese authorities in determining the source of the sound if it represents a threat to national security.

For her part, she saidNow In her statement to The Verge, It “does not have access to personally identifiable end-user data, which can be shared or stored, nor does it direct voice or video traffic from non-Chinese users through China.

In response to last week’s report, he said Clubhouse is planning to add additional encryption and blocking to prevent the service from being tested ping On servers located in China, and that an external security company will be contracted to review the updates.

This incident is a reminder to Clubhouse users to be careful about sharing sensitive information in conversations that take place through the app. iOS. It would also reassure Chinese citizens or opponents who are using the app, or any users concerned about state surveillance. Although, a ban Clubhouse in China, however users can still access the service over networks VPN.


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