Club World Cup … Qatar’s Al-Duhail captain provokes reaction after saying, “We gave Al-Ahly more than its size.”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The statements of the leader of the Qatari club Al-Duhail, Al-Moez Ali, sparked a wave of interaction through social networks, after he commented on the loss of his team from Al-Ahly of Egypt, in the first matches of the Club World Cup in Doha.

Al-Moez Ali said about the reason for Al-Ahly’s victory: “We respected them more than necessary in the first half, and we gave them greater than their size. One mistake they took advantage of, they scored a goal from him, (while) the second half we entered more seriously, we gave Al-Ahly team its normal size, we saw Al-Ahly club was defending in Second half”.

Al-Muizz, Ali said that the Al-Duhail team was supposed to have the advantage as it plays in his country.

Al-Duhail captain went on to say: “We do not have to respect the opponent more than it is very normal. Congratulations to the Al-Ahly club, but we respected them more and the mistake was ours, and the tour we gave them … we must fight better, and we give the teams more than their size.”

Al-Ahly mastered possession of the ball and spread throughout the first half. Despite changes made by Al-Duhail’s coach, Sabri Lamushi, that strengthened his team’s attacks, this did not translate into goals.

On the other hand, Hussam Ghaly, the former Al-Ahly captain, commented on what Al-Moez Ali said, that “Al-Ahly’s natural size is to meet Bayern (Munich), a big team against a big team … and you will watch it on television.”

Ghali added, in televised statements, that “Al-Ahly is longevity is a great size,” considering that the victory over Al-Duhail puts Al-Ahly in its normal size, and that such statements should not have been issued by the captain of the country team.

Al-Ahly will meet Bayern Munich, next Monday, in the semi-final of the tournament, while Al-Duhail will face South Korean club Ulsan Hyundai, on Sunday, to determine the fifth-place holder.

Al-Ahly coach, Pitso Musimane, said he would not lose anything in the Bayern Munich match, saying: “We will enjoy playing football against the Bavarian team.”


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