Central Bank: $ 3.3 billion increase in net inflow of capital accounts


Confirmed Egyptian Central BankThe increase in net inflow in the capital and financial account to reach about $ 3.9 billion, compared to about $ 1.3 billion in (April / June 2020, and $ 657.9 million in July / September 2019).

The Egyptian balance of payments data indicated that this marked improvement in foreign investments in the stock portfolio, due to the facilitation of global financial conditions despite the continuing uncertainty due to the Corona pandemic, which reflects the confidence of foreign investors in the strength of the Egyptian economy.

The Central Bank indicated an increase in the net inflow in the capital and financial transactions account by 3.3 billion dollars to reach 3.9 billion dollars during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021/2020, compared to about 157.9 million dollars only during the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year.

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