Carla Haddad is not divorced and wants to preserve her privacy


Informational sparked Carla Haddad Controversy, after she removed the photos of her second husband, Wael Qassis, from her social media accounts, and also deleted the news of her divorce from her first husband and the father of her daughter, the artist Tony Abu Joudeh, which made followers believe that she had separated from her husband Wael.

But Carla Haddad soon made it clear, after the news of her divorce, that she had taken this step in order to keep her personal life out of the limelight, and that there was no separation between her and her husband.

Carla Haddad and her husband Wael Qassis
Carla Haddad and her husband Wael Qassis

Carla Haddad, who separated from her first husband Tony Abu Joudeh in 2020 after a marriage that lasted 16 years, married Wael Qassis in the same year, and announced the happy news by publishing pictures of her with her groom.


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