Canon unveils a surveillance camera with unique specifications – technology


Company revealed Canon About a new camera with unique specifications that can be adopted for monitoring and capturing distinctive images inside the home and on the go.

Featuring a camera Canon PowerShot PICK The new product has a relatively small size and an internal battery that is sufficient to work for several hours on a single charge, which can be used as a tool for monitoring and taking pictures and videos inside the home or office or even during trips and travel.

What is distinctive about this camera is that it relies on artificial intelligence technology to recognize objects and faces and track objects moving around, and choose the right moment to document images, as well as that its lens moves in both vertical and horizontal directions, making it easier for monitoring and tracking operations, according to Russia Today.

The camera also features a 12-megapixel lens with a wide aperture, and the ability to zoom is equivalent X4, And a card slot microSD To store pictures and videos, it can also be controlled remotely via a special application for devices and smartphones, and it can also be used through the application to share photos via social networks..

This camera can now be acquired via platforms Canon Official website, or platform Makuake Electronic, at about $ 390.



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