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Activists on Twitter called for Mai Al-Aidan, a journalist, to be summoned. To investigate with her about the information that she raised regarding the infection of her fellow artist, Mishary Al-Balam, with the Corona virus, and accusing one of the artists of being the reason for transmitting the infection to Mashari, who died of the virus on Thursday evening.

Kuwaiti journalist Abdulaziz Al-Yahya demanded that his colleague May Al-Eidan be summoned for investigation, considering that after Mashari’s death, “we are facing a crime and a felony.”

Al-Yahya, deputy editor-in-chief of the Accident Network, said in a tweet he posted on his Twitter account after the death of Al-Balam: “I hope to summon the broadcaster who has information about an actress infected with Corona who transmitted the disease to Mashary Al-Balam, may God have mercy on him.”

Al-Yahya, who did not explicitly mention the name of the broadcaster, only referring to her sensational blog, added: “After his death, we are facing a crime and a felony if the actress knew about her infection with Corona.”

Another activist wrote, saying: “Presumably, the announcer is called May Al-Aidan, who has information about the actress Ghadeer Al-Sabti, who transmitted the disease to the artist Mishary Al-Balam, may God have mercy on him.”

She added, “If the actress knew about her injury, then this is a complete legal crime and felony against the artist.”

Another activist wrote: “At noon, I was reading May Al-Aidan’s tweets, and how only one of the filming cadres was mixed with them, knowing that there was a disease in her … if her words are correct, they are supposed to rule.”

The artist, Mishari Al-Balam, died Thursday evening, at the age of 48, of his infection with Corona, days after he entered intensive care as a result of the deterioration of his health and the low level of oxygen in his blood due to the virus that infected him after receiving the vaccine.

The media, Mai Al-Aidan, accused an artist, who did not name her, of being the reason behind Mishary’s infection with Corona, saying that “Meshary Al-Balam did not catch Corona because he received the first dose of the anti-virus vaccine, but rather, the truth indicates that a short artist transmitted the infection to him.”

“This artist was infected with Corona and continued to photograph without being informed of her injury,” Al-Eidan added in a tweet posted on her account.

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated the name of the artist, Ghadir Al-Sabti, considering that it was the intended one in the Al-Aidan publication, which called for Al-Sabti to go out and respond to the accusations against her.

Al-Sabti media attacked Al-Aidan for not responding to her communications, stressing that it was the artist Mishari who contacted her first, and asked her to undergo tests after he was confirmed to be infected with the virus.

Despite the attack launched by Al-Sabti against Mai Al-Aidan, whose name was not explicitly mentioned, the latter denied with another tweet that the artist Ghadeer Al-Sabti was the one intended, explaining that “the artist Mashari was filming more than one work at the same time and with him 3 or 4 artists of short stature, one of whom transmitted the virus to him.” .

Balam’s death shocked his colleagues inside Kuwait And outside it, who expressed their mourning for losing him a few days after his infection with the virus, as his name was published on social media.

And the artist Mishary Al-Balam is one of the most prominent artistic faces in Kuwait. He started his artistic career since the early 1990s, and his artistic balance has dozens of television and theatrical works, and he was busy in the past period photographing many artworks, including “Away from it Booty”, “House of Humiliation” and “ The Absent Will.


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