Call of Duty gets a new update on February 4


The Cold War version of Call of Duty Black Ops is expected to get a new map called Firebase Z as part of the Zombies game mode, and the new map will be free for all Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War players, as Call of Duty announced this through its account Official on Twitter.

Call of Duty has also released the trailer for the Firebase Z update, as the Firebase Z map is set in the wilds of Vietnam and features new types of zombies and weapons, and the new map looks large enough for both shooting and sniping battles, while the trailer also hints at the presence of zombie bosses in the game Who must be dealt with as a team, as well as fast travel through gates that will take you to the battlefield.

And the Cold War began in Black Ops on November 13 of last year, and zombies are not new in the world of Call of Duty anymore, as both Black Ops I and II came with the extension of Zombies, and while Call of Duty removed Zombies mode from its game on the phone Mobile, since the mode does not meet the standards for gaming in the franchise, they kept the Zombie Channel open for Black Ops Cold War.

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