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The Council of Ministers held its session yesterday (Tuesday) – via video call – headed by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Prime Minister.At the start of the session, the Council of Ministers highly valued what the Crown Prince announced regarding the development of the specialized legislative system, reflecting the Kingdom’s march – according to institutional work and serious steps – towards developing the legislative environment, in order to achieve prompt justice, and to ensure access to rights, their maintenance and stability, and protection Integrity and human rights, enhancing transparency and combating corruption, in light of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

In this context, the Council stressed the keenness of the wise leadership to guarantee the rights of citizens and residents and take care of their interests, by developing and reforming regulations that preserve rights and consolidate justice, reflect the level of progress and legislative reform, keep pace with the comprehensive developments in the Kingdom in all fields, and enhance its global competitiveness.

Serving Al-Harameen is a continuous approach

The Council of Ministers touched on the Kingdom’s efforts since its establishment in the service of the Two Holy Mosques, facilitating the pilgrims and Umrah performers to perform their rituals and rituals, and the utmost care, care and attention for this purpose, and the keenness to provide everything that would lead to their security, safety and comfort, and to protect them from epidemics and diseases. What was included in the final statement of the symposium “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Efforts in Serving Umrah Performers and Visitors During the Coronavirus Pandemic” of the integrated system of services and the unique approach of the Kingdom in dealing with the pandemic, and the proactive precautionary measures it has taken that contributed to limiting the spread of the virus, and emphasizing the maximum benefit from Results and successes achieved in the health, security, technical and social fields in combating and responding to the pandemic.

Continuous efforts to curb Corona

The Council reviewed the developments of the Coronavirus pandemic, at the local and international levels, the latest statistics and relevant indicators, and a set of reports on monitoring and follow-up work, and the continuous evaluation of the preventive measures taken within the framework of the efforts made by the Kingdom to maintain public health, stressing that citizens and residents must continue to adhere to and adhere to With various measures and precautions, in light of what the world is witnessing of the emergence of a second wave, and the recording of high levels of active cases, infections and deaths from the virus.

The Saudi market … global interest

The Cabinet considered the signing of agreements to establish major regional offices in the city of Riyadh for international companies, as it reflects the importance and confidence that the Saudi market enjoys regionally and globally, and one of the elements of the “Riyadh Strategy” aimed at doubling the size of the economy and achieving major leaps in the generation of jobs, improving the quality of life and expanding investments. And within the efforts of the program to attract regional headquarters, which seeks to increase the percentage of local content, reduce economic leakage, develop new sectors, as well as create tens of thousands of new quality jobs for the best qualified people.

Common interests and mutual respect

The Council addressed a number of issues on the latest developments and developments on the Arab, regional and international arenas, stressing the Kingdom’s keenness on its strategic partnerships with friendly countries based on common interests and mutual respect, and serving the international effort to maintain peace and security in the region and the world, again welcoming the commitment of the United States of America to cooperate with the Kingdom To defend its sovereignty and counter the threats that target it, and to affirm its continued support for diplomatic efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution in Yemen according to the three references.

Iran threatens world peace

The Council of Ministers renewed the Kingdom’s demand for the international community to assume its responsibilities regarding the threat posed by the hostile practices of the Iranian regime to international peace and security, its threat to the security and stability of Arab countries, interference in their affairs and support for armed militias, and stressing the importance of the countries most affected by Iranian threats to be an original party in any international negotiations On its nuclear program and security-threatening activities in the region, stressing the Kingdom’s rejection of the threat posed by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia to the security and stability of Yemen, and its hostile actions towards the Kingdom.


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