Biography of the “rap giant”, Notorious Big, with the tongue of those who know him in my documentary on “Netflix”


New York– The famous American rapper “Notorious Big” is still attracting great interest, nearly a quarter of a century after his death at the age of only 24, as witnessed by a documentary film that “Netflix” begins showing on Monday showing the biography of “Big Bubba” as narrated by those close to him.

Singer Volita Wallace’s mother co-produced the work in collaboration with former producer P Diddy, as he dives into the Damian Butler video archive known as “D-Rock,” Peggy’s childhood friend.

The documentary does not reveal any new information, but rather depicts stations from the life of the young singer and stories that help to understand the personality of Christopher Wallace, which is his real name, the charismatic son of Brooklyn, whose picture today covers many walls in this neighborhood in New York.

B Diddy, whose original name is Shen Combs, considers that the life of the “Notorious Pig” who accompanied him to the summit, had “a major impact”.
However, this life ended tragically on the morning of March 9, 1997, with the fire of a person, not yet officially known, on a Los Angeles street after a party.

Several exciting theories still apply regarding the motives of this crime. A recent podcast titled “Slowborn” links, based on many documents, between the assassination and producer Sog Knight in light of the competition between his production company “Death Row Records” and that of Shancombs, “Bad Boy Records”.

The documentary “Netflix” depicts the life of “Notorius Biggie” as a young man in the boroughs of Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, and also during the summer in Jamaica.

Hubert Syme, a friend of his, recounts that Christopher Wallace was returning from these trips to Trelawney from which his mother hails, with many influences of different styles that influenced his musical culture, including reggae, country and funk.

Over the years, the teenager developed his style and proved his talent thanks to his strong voice on the streets of Brooklyn, as evidenced by remarkable archive photos.

His former neighbor, saxophonist Donald Harrison, who is one of his music coaches, recalls the great insatiable hunger of “The Notorious Pig” for musical knowledge, and he helped him draw on the musical legacy of some jazz giants, including Charlie Barks and Kanunpal Adderley.

Harrison says in the documentary that Christopher Wallace’s unique style, which is able to accompany the rhythm in a systematic way with great freedom of performance, “matches the best qualities of a solo performance of a drummer in the Bebop style”, one of the most famous styles of jazz music of the 1950s.

While the work presents a positive image of “Biggie”, it deals for a long time with dark aspects of his personality, especially during his short career in the drug trade.

During this period he lost one of his closest friends, Olly, who died with a shooting and his absence was a great shock to the singer.

The documentary devotes a lot of space to the singer’s mother, as it details the tensions that marred her relationship with her son due to drugs, before one day he informed her of his intention to move away from this scourge to devote exclusively to music.

B Diddy, who used to call himself Pave Daddy, recalls telling the singer, “You can’t do both,” meaning drug trafficking and music.

“We don’t know where Peggy Rap came from,” the producer says.

“Notorious Pig” only released one album in his life, titled “Ready to Day”, while his second album, “Live After Death”, was published 16 days after his death.

The documentary presents the singer with a huge structure, a length of 1.90 meters and a weight of more than 150 kilograms, the image of a generous man seeking to pour his success in the service of his surroundings.

Rapper Lil Sees, who is close to Biggie, says that the latter’s talent “saved many people”, but “he did not succeed in saving himself.” (AFP)


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