Biden cancels restrictions imposed by Trump on the immigration suspension to Lao


08:01 AM

Thursday 25 February 2021

Washington – (AHA):
US President Joe Biden has rescinded restrictions imposed by former President Donald Trump on preventing foreign workers and applicants from entering the United States in order to protect American workers.
Biden said, during his signing of the cancellation of Trump’s decision, according to the American Al-Hurra TV channel today, Thursday, that the restrictions have prevented families from meeting with each other and that they have damaged American business.
Biden pledged to cancel many of Trump’s strict immigration policies, while activists demanded the lifting of the suspension on granting residency and temporary work visas, which was supposed to end on March 31.
And last October, a federal judge in California blocked Trump’s decision to ban temporary workers, because hundreds of thousands of American businesses had objected to the decision in lawsuits.
Trump issued the decision last year to protect American workers amid the high unemployment rate due to the spread of the new Corona virus.


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