Between confirmation and denial … “Syrian Health Ministry” announces that it will clarify tomorrow what is being said about the distribution of the Chinese vaccine


Between confirmation and denial ..

Reuters Doses of the Chinese “Sinopharm” vaccine against the Coronavirus.

The Syrian Ministry of Health announced that it will explain tomorrow, Thursday, “in detail” what media outlets and social media pages have reported about the arrival of doses of the Corona vaccine into the country.

The ministry said that Minister Hassan Ghobash will announce tomorrow morning “about the latest developments in the preparation of the Corona virus vaccine” and clarified that “everything circulated by some media and social media pages about the arrival or distribution of doses of the Coronavirus vaccine will be clarified tomorrow and in detail.”

While Reuters quoted an “official source” in the ministry, he denied the validity of what was stated in a press report published by the Syrian newspaper “Al-Watan” about the start of distributing Chinese vaccines.

Today, the newspaper quoted the Director of Health in Aleppo, Ziad Hajj Taha, that “the Ministry of Health has distributed the Chinese Corona vaccines to all health directorates in the governorates for distribution to health personnel in principle from tomorrow.”

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China pledges to Syria to provide 150 thousand doses of anti-Corona vaccine

On the 4th of this month, the newspaper quoted the Chinese ambassador to Syria, Feng Biao, that his country had decided to provide 150,000 doses of the emerging coronavirus vaccine to help the Syrian government.

The Chinese ambassador told the newspaper that his country “provided a large quantity of medical supplies to Syria last year, and this time, in addition to 150 thousand doses of vaccine, China will also provide 20 respirators and 750 tons of rice as a first payment for food aid in Syria, which will contribute to its victory over Epidemic early. ”

Source: RT + Agencies


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