Before the court ruled on its former business manager, Haifa Wehbe: Oh Lord, and the audience: May God grant you victory


Posted on: Monday 22 February 2021 – 8:50 PM | Last update: Monday, February 22, 2021 – 8:50 PM

The Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, posted a post a short while ago on her official Twitter account, in which she sought help from God and wrote: “Oh Lord.” This is pending the court’s ruling on Mohamed Waziri, its former business manager, in accusing him of defaming her in the amount of 63 million pounds.

Comments from the audience following her account poured in, confirming that they all pray that God will help her in this case.

The security services had arrested the composer Mohamed Waziri, Haifa Wehbe’s business manager, on charges of fraud, after several judicial complaints submitted by Haifa against him through her lawyer, accusing him of fraud and stealing money, with unjustly obtaining 63 million pounds from her property through a general power of attorney, allowing him to deal With regard to the sums owed to her by producers, satellite channels and some party organizers, he was summoned for investigation, and after conducting the necessary investigations, it was found out that the incident was true.


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